Christmas Wreaths and Centrepieces!

Our Very Popular Wreath Fundraiser is Here!!

Congratulations to our Top Christmas Wreath Fundraisers!!

Christmas Candy Cane Wreath

Each year we run one or two fundraisers to support the riders and chaperones who represent our club at a national level of competition. In order to support their efforts, we ask that you and your young rider take the time to promote our fundraisers.

This should be of special interest to the riders (and parents) as a portion of the funds goes into an account ear marked with their name. These funds can be used for the rider to subsidize their fees for Pony Club or entry fees for the Hampton Riding Centre June Fun Show.

We make an effort to come up with fundraisers where your customer gets something tangible for their hard earned money instead of just a chance to win something. One of our most popular and long running fundraisers is our “Wreath” and “Centre Piece” sale. Family, friends and co-workers look forward to ordering from this fundraiser each year!
Please see attached for details of the products as well as the sales order form. You can print these off or copies will be made available at the barn.

In addition, there will be prizes given to the top 3 fundraisers this year.

We would like to take a moment to thank everyone for their hard work in selling the wreaths.

We did fantastic!

We have prizes for the top 2 sellers.

First prize is a 1 hour private lesson with Jenn Hanson!

Second prize is a saddle pad which was donated by Fifteen 2 Creations. Thank you Tyra!

Congratulations to 1st place winner – Drew Dorcas, and 2nd place winner – Ava Mckinnon.

We will be sending out another email to advise when the wreaths are finished and ready for pick up. Again we want to thank all of you who have helped out with this fundraiser.

Orders and payment are due to the barn no later than Thursday, November 22. Wreaths will be available for pick up at the barn the first week of December. Centre Pieces will be available for pick up closer to Christmas.

Click to see the Wreath Fundraiser Order Form.

The Christmas wreaths will be in the barn and ready for pickup on Saturday, Dec 8th.

And while you are here, stay for a bit, and cheer on our PPG riders!

The Christmas centerpieces will be ready for pickup at the barn, on Friday, Dec 14th.

All clothing orders will be ready for pickup in the barn the week of Dec 17th. We will let you know as soon as it is here.

Thanks to everyone for supporting the Pony Club!!

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