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Introducing the

HRC Half-Lease Program

Ever wanted your own horse?

This is the exciting “First Step” to owning your own horse without buying & boarding. Low Risk! Find out if it’s right for you!

The HRC Half-Lease Program is for our more advanced riders (adults and children) skilled enough to have one ride alone per week, in addition to their regular lesson. This Program will allow the rider to develop more of a relationship with the horse, and to advance more quickly by riding twice per week — once in a group lesson and once on their own for a flat, non- jumping ride.

The Half-Lease rider will have their horse to work with for a 4 month period. Every 4 months, we will re-evaluate the rider/horse combinations and make any required changes. We will match up riders and horses- and if one is not suitable, you would go on the wait list for that horse of choice.

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What are the Costs?

Participating in the Half-lease program will include a weekly group lesson and one independent ride will be $400 a month. The cost for those preferring to have a private lesson within the Half-lease program will be $500 per month.

Your Horse Partner:

We will share the emails and phone numbers of everyone in the group so we can communicate and make the program even better. Introduce yourself to the other person half-leasing your horse if you don’t already know each other!  

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How Do Practice Rides Work?

Maximum of 3 riders per hour unless it is a special event like a ride in the cross-country field or a trail ride.

You will book online. You can view the calendar to see when your horse is being used.

In your lesson each week, your coach will advise you on what to work on in your upcoming practice ride.

The coaches may post pole exercises or other flat work so we don’t run out of ideas!

Practice Rides are booked typically:

  • Fridays noon – 8
  • Saturdays 10-8
  • Sundays 10-8
Let’s get riding! Contact Jennifer at 506-650-5999 or jennhanson89 @ for more details and availability.