Hampton Pony Club

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Welcome to Pony Club!

The Hampton Pony Club is part of The NB-PEI Region of Canadian Pony Club.

We have approximately 100 members.

Our region may be small but is growing every year!

Hampton Pony Club
NB-PEI Regional Pony Club
Canadian Pony Club

What Is Pony Club?

The following has been extracted from www.nb-peiponyclub.com.

Pony Club is an international, voluntary, non-profit organization for young people interested in horses, ponies and riding. It is the largest association of riders in the world with more than 100,000 members in over 20 countries, including Canada. We are proud of our Canadian Pony Club members who learn to be responsible, confident, motivated horse people, with a high degree of knowledge and skill in equestrian arts. Riders have an opportunity to learn leadership and teamwork and make many new friends.

Hampton Pony Club
Pony Club Games

What exactly do we do?

Pony Club isn’t just about riding a horse or pony – it’s a program designed to help kids learn everything there is to know about these animals…it’s giving them the opportunity to try different disciplines of the sport (show-jumping, dressage, eventing, tetrathalon, etc.) and most importantly, providing them with connections to other kids in their town, province and region who share this passion. Pony Clubbers make lifetime friendships in a club designed for horse-crazy kids! You don’t have to own a horse or pony to join Pony Club – you don’t even have to be taking riding lessons – you just have to have an interest in horses!

Many people wonder if they have to move their horse or pony (if they have one) to a “Pony Club barn” in order to be a member – not at all! Pony Clubbers can ride wherever they want, with whatever coach they want – in fact, Pony Club District Commissioners are a great resource to find out where to go for riding lessons, to find a stall for your horse or pony, etc. – we aim to help you find the best care and coaching.

Our education program is recognized world-wide. The Equine Canada Rider Levels are based on the Pony Club education program. You can do BOTH Pony Club and EC Rider Levels, you don’t have to choose one or the other!

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Local Events

  • Prince Philip Games

    The Prince Philip Games are played at Hampton Riding Centre in December each year.

    December 9 - December 10 at Hampton Riding Centre

Prince Phillip Games!

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