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Cancelled due to COVID-19

Cancelled – NB/PEI Regional Rally

August 21 - August 23

Deadline for Entries: August 9th, 2020


Hampton Riding Centre
560 Lakeside Road
Hampton, NB

Rally is a team competition to encourage teamwork and cooperation and includes riding (dressage, cross country and stadium jumping) and stable management (practical knowledge, oral knowledge and turnout). All participants should be familiar with the Canadian Pony Club Rally Rules. http://www.canadianponyclub.org/what-wedo.php?page=rallies&topic=national-rules.


  • $120 per Groom/Stable Manager- non riding
  • $60 per chaperone
  • $175 per Rider

Teams will consist of:

  • 2 or 3 Riders – top 2 scores to be used
  • Stable Manager
  • Grooms
  • Chaperone- required at all times during rally hours and will be needed to help out.
  • Every team must choose a Captain

Rally Teams will arrive Friday after 1 pm to set up. Riders will need to be here in time to school over the Cross Country Course at the appointed times. This is now a requirement of riding at “D” Rally- you must have been schooled over the fences before the competition.

Teams will be staying at the Hampton Bible Camp which is just down the road from our farm. Horses will be stabled on the farm at HRC. Please see the “tentative schedule” for more details. Each team must supply their own hay and feed and water buckets for their horses or ponies. Bedding will be provided but stalls must be cleaned before leaving. Extra meal tickets must be purchased for parents, volunteers etc.

Ribbons will be placed to 6th place for:

  • High Point Teams
  • Stable Management Teams
  • SM Stadium Jumping Competition
  • Highest Dressage Score of the Rally (One Ribbon)
  • Grooms Games

Stable Management:

Trailers will be used for tack rooms and will be judged on functionality NOT prettiness.

Rider Info:

Riders can compete at any of the levels offered.

  • D Level
    • Dressage =Starter 1 (PC test)
    • Cross Country= logs in the field no higher than 12” – horses may be led.
    • Stadium = very low cross rails – horses may be led.
  • D1 Level
    • Dressage = Pretraining Test 1 (pony club website)
    • Cross Country= obstacles at 2 feet maximum.
    • Stadium = cross rails and verticals to max 2 feet.
  • D2 Level
    • Dressage = Pretraining Test 2 (rising) (PC test)
    • Cross Country = obstacles at 2’3” max.
    • Stadium = verticals and oxers to 2’6” max.
  • C Level- first choice will be given to D riders- as this is a Working D rally.
  • Dressage =Pretraining Test 2 (sitting) (PC test)
  • Cross Country = obstacles at 2’6” max.
  • Stadium= verticals and oxers to 2’9” max

Captain & Groom Info:

  • A Captain’s Class (optional) for all unmounted team captains. Details to follow.
  • A Groom’s Competition (optional) will be available for all grooms. Details to follow
  • Captains(Stable Managers) and Grooms may ride any horse from within their team. Horse/riders for turnout as for Stadium Jumping.

Pony Club Medical Armbands MUST be worn by ALL participants at ALL times.
Pinny’s MUST be worn by ALL participants at ALL times.
Canadian Pony Club Pins should be worn at all times except for X-Country


Jennifer Hanson Text/Call 506-650-5999 Email: jennhanson89 @ gmail.com.

Forms and Payment DUE August 9th, 2020

Email completed forms to: jennhanson89@gmail.com
Mail: 560 Lakeside Road, Smithtown, NB E5N 3Y6
Make cheques payable to: NB/PEI Regional Pony Club. Etransfers are not available,
ALL Payments are due with Entry Forms.


Download and complete the registration form.
2019 regional rally



12:00-2:00 Registration -all competitors must check in and get numbers.

2:00 Begin setting up tack rooms in trailers

3:00 All D and D1 riders will be schooling over Cross Country fences with Jennifer

4:00 All D2/C Level riders will be schooling over Cross Country fences with Jennifer

5:00 Finish set up of tack rooms in trailers (judge may be around)

6:00 Supper at Hampton Bible Camp

6:45 Settle in to Bunk house.

7:00 Braid horses and prepare stalls/horses for the night.
Walk XC Course

10:00 Lights out at Bible Camp.


7:45 Breakfast for everyone at the Bible Camp
-food for all competitors for the day is included.
– meal tickets for parents/chaperones and others can be
purchased for $5.00 per breakfast and $10 per lunch and suppers.

10:00 Dressage Phase

12:00 Lunch
-BBQ with homemade salads at barn

1:00 Stable Management Judging

2:00 Walk Cross County Course

2:30 Cross Country Phase

4:00 Grooms Games

6:00 Supper at Bible Camp

7:00 Swim at Bible Camp

10:00 Lights out at Bible Camp
(senior members will have to do night check on horses)


7:45 Breakfast for everyone at the Bible Camp
-food for all competitors for the day is included.
– meal tickets for parents/chaperones and others can be
purchased for $5.00 per breakfast and $10 per lunch and suppers.

9:00 Walk Stadium Jumping Course

9:30 Stadium Jumping Phase with SM jumping round after.

11:00 Stable Management Judge speaks to teams

12:00 Awards Ceremonies
(full dress required for pictures and parade)

Please prepare to set up your tack stalls in your trailers.

Meals will be provided for all participants and Chaperones. Parents and others, please purchase your meal tickets in the morning at registration.

All competitors must wear their numbers and medical armbands at all times during the competition.

We will need one parent/chaperone at each of the cross country fences from 2:00 – 3:00pm on the Saturday, for safety reasons. No experience needed!

Braiding is required for the dressage phase.
Cross country vests are now required, as well as wearing a long sleeved rugby type shirt for the cross country under the vest. (riders can trade off with those that don’t have their own)
The jumping phase requires a show jacket.

For staying at the Bible Camp, you will need:
Sleeping bags
Swim suits, towels
All personal toiletries (soap, shampoo etc…)
Clock radio

For any other questions or comments, please contact Jennifer Hanson at jennhanson89@gmail.com or 506-650-5999.

Tips from…..“Gramma” Linda

…what Mothers and Fathers need to know
….. and for all team members

Going to Rally is like going to a year end dance recital or a hockey playoff. It is the highlight of the riding year when we show off all our skills that we have learned throughout the year. This event is for all our members- of any age and any experience!

Over 3 days, assigned teams will participate in 3 skill tests – Dressage ,cross country jumping and stadium jumping. We will have prizes and ribbons for the best teams. Our district is PEI and NB with invitations extended to all Pony Clubs.

The schedule of events begins on Friday morning with travel time for those who need it. Registration begins (at the garage) at noon. Meal tickets can be purchased at this time for both HRC meals and Bible camp meals for all of the other supporters.

This is a great time for parents, riders, grooms, friends and family members. Please let us know if you are planning to come so we can add up the numbers and have enough food for all.

Friday afternoon is the mandatory schooling over cross country jumps. Supper is at the Bible Camp. Then back to the barn for braiding of horses for Sat morning’s dressage. Then back to the Bible Camp for a good night’s sleep.

Saturday we have breakfast at the Bible Camp for all team members – Delicious!!!!
Chaperones, parents and friends are welcome too but must have a meal ticket.
AM…dressage competition
PM…stable management trailer decoration competition judging
Stable management displays………
This can make or break a team’s points. Judging is done on Saturday after lunch before cross country. All trailers are transformed into a tack room. Displays are judged on artistic presentation and neatness like a real, working tack room. Everything such as bridles, saddles and grooming kits are labeled. All team members contribute to this big display. Parents and friends are encouraged to walk down and view these works of art from 11-1 PM before the judging.
PM…cross country jumping in the back field. This is a great time for photos so have cameras handy

Saturday supper is at the Bible Camp and accompanied with swimming in the pool, games and lots of laughter before bed at the Bible camp. Lights out 10:00 PM.

Sunday, again a super breakfast at the Bible camp for all team members, friends and family who are cheering them on. Now, pack up and move back to HRC for stadium jumping. This is good for photos too as the ring is colourful with scary flowers, a judge’s stand and painted jumps. The judges are ready to present totals at the end of this. Riders go and dress in full dressage gear, horses get tacked up too (riders ride and walkers carry the team’s banner) for the parade up from the trailers to the outdoor ring. Again it is quite a sight!!! Lots of photos.

Each team of riders, Stable managers and grooms will have an amazing experience together. If you are on a team, it is vital that you be here for the 3 days. Talk it over with your child before committing. We need to know our numbers for the Bible Camp, breakfasts, team formations and the other meals in advance.

The order for the 3 events may change depending on the weather. Rain gear is necessary.
Parents should have boots available as it can get muddy in the back field and also a folding chair will make the watching more fun.

Clothes: PJ’s, sleeping bags or sheets, pillow, toothbrush, bathing suit, towel, all riding gear, helmet, boots, pants, flashlight, alarm clock etc
Dress code for all team members is navy blue Hampton Pony Club shirt, clean beeches, boots- clean and hair neat – at all times for the 3 days…

Jumping vests are required for all riders. These are very expensive. We have some older riders who will kindly loan their vest when it is time for the cross country jumping
Medical armbands must be worn at all times.
Medical staff is on the property for all the jumping.
Other clothes and a jacket for the evening games will keep them warm.

We will be looking for help as there are many tasks involved in running an event such as this. Your help will be greatly appreciated! The food committee would love help with the prep work too. Cross country jumps need a score keeper at each jump so jump judges are in demand.

This is always a fun event with many lasting memories……….


August 21
August 23
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Hampton Riding Centre
560 Lakeside Rd
Smithtown,New BrunswickE5N 3Y6Canada
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