Club Clothing is Here!


Photo courtesy of Images by Ceci

HRC Club Clothing

We are excited to be offering our logo wear to the Hampton Riding Centre group through an online store. Our apparel is provided by Dufferin Apparel.

Get started by selecting either the Hampton Riding Centre or Hampton Pony Club crest shown below.

Then click here to see the Club Clothing available at Dufferin Apparel. Currently we have hats, hoodies, jackets and sport shirts.

But we are just getting started! We would love to hear from you about any other items we should add. Going forward we are adding a sports bag, long sleeve polo, PJ’s, socks and a winter jacket. All suggestions are needed!

And please provide your feedback on this new clothing ordering system!

Pick your Crest

Hampton Riding Centre Crest

crest Hampton Riding Centre

Hampton Pony Club Crest

Hampton Pony Club crest

Pick your Item

Non insulated Soft Shell Jacket
Hooded Sweatshirt
Mid Prifle Twill Hat
Athletic Twill Track Jacket
Performance Hooded Sweatshirt
Knit Toque
Team Jacket
Snag Resistant Sport Shirt
Pony Stuffed Plushie

Lots of Choice!