29th CPC National Quiz – Call for Entries!

We have the honor of hosting the Canadian Pony Club National Quiz this year, in 2016.

On Thanksgiving weekend in PEI, 80-100 pony club members will gather from across Canada, in PEI to show off and compete with their book knowledge about horses.
The event will be held at a hotel in PEI, in combination with the UPEI University Vet lab.

Any of our members 14 and older are eligible to attend and be part of our NB / PEI regional team.

The cost for the weekend will be $400 per member.

Please let me know if your rider is interested in being part of this team.

For more information on the Quiz, visit http://www.canadianponyclub.org/what-we-do.php?page=quiz&topic=national-championships










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