COVID-19 Update As Of January 27, 2021

This phase allows for Passive Screening:

You must take your temperature before you leave your house. You will stand at the front barn entrance and tell us what it is, before you are allowed in the barn.
No coughing, or any signs of illness- will be sent home.

We will be asking each student before they enter the barn these questions before each ride.

  • Have you recently been sick?
  • Is anyone in your household sick?
  • Do you have a fever or a cough?

If you have been in contact with anyone who is being tested for the coronavirus- because of feeling ill- you need to stay home until their results are in.

We ask each of our parents to answer these questions, before you bring your riders to the barn. The children have not been doing a great job at this, and we need parental support to keep us all healthy!

Help prevent potential spread of COVID-19 by practicing good respiratory hygiene. When you cough or sneeze, do so into a tissue; dispose of the tissue and wash your hands afterwards. If you do not have a tissue available, cough into your sleeve or elbow.

And now we need to ask that given the current state of the pandemic, we kindly ask if you or anyone in your household has travelled outside of our Saint John Zone 2, to isolate from the barn for 14 days.

Our main priority is to follow all protocols and maintain a safe space for our students and staff to continue with our riding.

Face Masks

We will ask everyone to wear a mask for the tacking up and untacking process, please bring one with you. Our instructors will have a mask as well. You can also ride with your mask, if you choose.

The use of community face mask (e.g., face coverings/homemade cloth masks) by asymptomatic people in the community may reduce the touching of the nose or mouth with contaminated hands, although one needs to take care to not touch the face as the mask is adjusted or when pulled on and off. Wearing a face mask can be a way of covering your mouth and nose to prevent respiratory droplets from contaminating others or landing on surfaces. Wearing a face mask is consistent with our recommendation to not cough into your hands and instead to cover your cough with tissues or your sleeve. The effectiveness of using community masks in the community to prevent infection has not been demonstrated. The use of a community mask must be in combination with proven effective hygiene and physical distancing measures.

face masks


Physical Distancing

To accommodate physical distancing, people must maintain a minimum distance of 2 meters, or 6 feet, between themselves and others at all times, with the exception of members of the same household or ‘bubble’. People must not congregate in groups. This may result in restrictions to how daily activities, business operations, and recreation occurs, but this intermediary step will help to keep our communities healthy. Adjustments and accommodations will be required to ensure physical distancing requirements continue to be met.

Wipe down everything you touch.
Leadlines, cross ties, stall guards, shovels, forks, handles, wheelbarrows etc…
We will have all the disinfecting supplies here for you to use.

Hand Washing

Good handwashing practices are important to prevent disease transmission, especially during this current COVID-19 pandemic and as we move into the recovery phase. Everyone needs to ensure they are practicing proper hand hygiene. Proper handwashing requires regularly and thoroughly washing your hands with soap and water or minimum 60% alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Your Instructor will disinfect the saddles, bridles and brushes after each use.

You need: 2 pairs of gloves
One to do chores and tack up, switch to your riding gloves, then after back into “chore gloves”
Your gear will be left in your car, or outside to change into before you ride. Nothing in the tack room.
The tack room will have the door open, and only one person getting stuff in there at a time.

Parents are allowed only one per child. No siblings, guests, visitors, or other people on the property. Parents are welcome to watch the lesson- once it has started. No parents in the barn.

If the lesson is outside, each parent can stand at one of the 4 corners of the ring. If it is in the indoor, we won’t be able to have parents watch.

Thank you all for doing your part and keeping us safe!

Welcome to Hampton Riding Centre

Premier riding school in Atlantic Canada

Hampton Riding Centre is located in Smithtown, New Brunswick – just outside of Hampton and about 1/2 hour from Saint John. Owned and operated by Equine Canada Certified Coach Jennifer Hanson. Many events are held every year for youth and adults, from fun schooling shows, to clinics with some of the country’s top equestrian athletes and coaches. We are also home to the Hampton Pony Club, which caters to horse crazy kids ages 9-25.

Check out the video for a tour of Hampton Riding Centre

Equestrian Exchange Consignment StoreEquestrian Exchange Consignment Store Has Moved!

For the winter, we are in the garage beside the house. Let us know you are coming so we can show you around!

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Upcoming Events

  • Blacksmith Day

    blacksmith day

    Blacksmith Day is March 27th at Hampton Riding Centre. We are running two sessions so please registe...

    March 27 @ 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm ADT
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horse shoe Meet the Team!

Meet the Hampton Riding Centre team.

HRC Staff

Jennifer, Makayla, Emma, Katie, Tyra, Sloan, Iyesha, and Stacey. Just missing Gramma and Lou!

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